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Have You Been Papped!

Virtual Paparazzi and Crowds

We believe our products are unique. We design and manufacturer interactive Paparazzi and Cheering Crowd exhibits that create atmosphere and celebrity buzz at any event.

Our exhibits combine high quality graphics with lighting and sound to create an unforgettable experience.

Our exhibits can be standalone or combined with a range of backdrops and accessories to compliment the overall effect.


Backdrops can be used to create a 3D depth perception for our Paparazzi or Cheering Crowd exhibits or can be used as standalone backdrops in a staged photoshoot area.

Our backdrops are available as large themed images as well as step-and-repeat images as used at most red carpet premiere events. We have standard step-and-repeat backdrops and can also produce to order step-and-repeat backdrops with personalized messages, images or corporate logos.

Permanent Installations

While our unique exhibits are available to hire, we also create custom exhibits that are suitable for permanent installation. Whether in a hotel, dance studio or car showroom, we can work with you to creat a unique attraction.